• We assist the conference organizers with all planning and budgeting for the various services required for the event. Tentative costs based on our experience are taken into consideration which is 10% plus or minus situation. This is an important aspect and helps in planning the event successfully and making arrangements accordingly. Coordination and management of this is part of our services.

  • Specifications are prepared by us for all the major logistics requirements and various services such as AV, Signage, Fabrication, Transportation, Cultural, Hotels etc which are required in the process of managing a conference & exhibition. Technical and financial comparatives of multiple vendors are prepared by us to assist the organisers in finalising and selection of various vendors.

  • Team of Alpcord Network managers handle and manage all venue arrangements regarding the setup of Audio Visuals, Signages, Registration, Fabrication and also oversee the Scientific sessions management, inauguration and social functions, F & B arrangements and managing complete staffing required for the conference.

  • Alpcord will assist in building up of the complete signage plan and layout of exhibition stalls for the conference venue. We also assist in preparing the sponsorship brochure with different levels of participation followed by the exhibitor manual which contains all onsite information relating to the participation of the exhibitors which is sent to them prior to the conference dates.

  • We assist in applying to the 3 Ministerial permissions that are required for visa purpose – Nodal Ministry, Ministry of Home and Ministry of External Affairs. A process on the website can be prepared through which delegates can generate invitation letter with digital signature of local host, download the 3 ministerial permissions and the information is mentioned on the website. Other permissions depending on the venue are also be coordinated by us.

  • We assist in negotiating with the venue and surrounding hotel rates & putting up on website for any delegate booking. Complete operational handling will be done by team of professionals. We also draw up a detailed transport plan for the entire event and reserve required number of coaches/cars for airport transfers, shuttle services, social functions and accompanying persons programme.

  • Alpcord Web team specializes in highly advanced professional website management services for conferences. Our support staffs of graphic designers, website developers, SEO specialists, and marketing specialists ensures cutting-edge technology, creative and unique website design, customized to be effective for the conference. Online registration Link is also created according to specifications with registration fee categories integrated with our payment gateway & facility of Auto Mailer confirmations to delegates. Regular updated reports of registrations are prepared for the organisers.